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A Scottish ‘Ulysses’?

Lanark by Alasdair Gray

Alasdair Gray’s novel ‘Lanark’ is an astonishing achievement, and well worth the huge time investment to read it… This will be a long post, but then Alasdair Gray’s Lanark is, like James Joyce’s Ulysses, a very long and exceptionally complex novel. But it’s worth the effort. Gray famously took thirty years to write Lanark; it took me almost as many to…

Reasons to Study English Literature: Our Spiritual Quest

Geneva Bible

The second in an occasional series for A level students which this time takes a very personal angle on the nature of literary study. Readers of Mister Pip will appreciate the transcendent power of literature: on a war torn Pacific island, the Victorian novel Great Expectations transforms a young girl. It’s a powerful illustration of how story crosses…