Controlled Assessment Needs Redrafting

As an English teacher, I am passionate about two things: my subject and the achievement of pupils in that subject. I am concerned, too, that pupils experience the subject in a way which will benefit them in the long run. For many, it will be an  A level choice, whilst for some, it will be their choice of degree. English Literature is one of the most popular subjects at university – and I want it to remain so.

English – perhaps more than any other subject – has been interfered with by politicians of all shades of opinion. At the moment, at GCSE we have a system called Controlled Assessment which accounts for 60% of the marks in English Language and 25% in English Literature. This is significantly different from coursework.

Like any teacher, I make the most of the current system (and the changes have not been without some benefits) but a recent article in the Times Educational Supplement prompted me to write in. I’m especially concerned that some of the valuable things which conventional coursework teaches are being lost, potentially disadvantaging pupils who take the subject further. Of course, I will do everything possible to prevent this!

Read it here.

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  1. Andrew
    26th May 2012 at 08:08

    Since writing my letter to the TES, I have been informed that IGCSE points do count towards performance tables. Other sources, including the AQA website from where I originally took my information, said that they do not. Whatever the case, the lack of clarity would deter many from going into the unknown.

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